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Translation Department


The team of work in the translation department consists of qualified university professors, experienced translators, and English native speaking scholars.


Translation services


Alata offers high quality translation provided by translation experts. Documents are reviewed and proofread by university professors and experts who are native speakers of the original language of the translated documents. The translation services include:



  • Translation of research studies in different fields of specialization
  • Medical translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Academic translation
  • Translating films and Subtitling
  • Documentary translation
  • Localization


The Mechanism of Work in Translation



The process of translation is conducted according to the following stages:


1-Translation: Distributing the work to translators according to a time framework.


2-Editing: After the completion of the translation, the translated work is distributed to reviewers holding academic degrees and experienced in reviewing, to assure the integrity of the translation, and introduce modifications if needed.


3-Reviewing and proofreading: The work is handed to a third team for reviewing and proofreading to ensure quality before submitting the work to the customers.



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