Translation services


Alata offers high quality translation provided by translation experts. Documents are reviewed and proofread by university professors and experts who are native speakers of the original language of the translated documents. The translation services include:



  • Translation of research studies in different fields of specialization
  • Medical translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Academic translation
  • Translating films and Subtitling
  • Documentary translation
  • Localization

Education and Consultancy Services


The educational and consultancy services include many related fields to English language such as:

  • Consultancies on the field of English language, translation, and study abroad.
  • Consultancies on English language Curriculum Development and Materials Development provided by scholars .
  • Editing and proofreading graduation research projects, and MA/PhD theses.
  • Editing textbooks and books before publishing by scholars in the field.
  • Training courses on creativity, especially on creative writing, provided by scholars in the field.
  • Training courses on critical thinking.
  • Training courses for teachers of English

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