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Terms and Conditions


Alata for education, consultation and translation welcomes you, and allows you to use its website based on accepting its conditions and terms:


  • Your use of this website means you accept its conditions; otherwise, stop visiting the website immediately.

  • The website with all of its content is owned by Alata, and is subject to all intellectual property laws, as well as other related laws. No copying, modifications, or use of its content is allowed without a prior official permission from the management.

  • Your use of this website is fully your responsibility, without any liability towards others.

  • Any unauthorized use of this website that results in damage is considered an electronic crime and laws will be applied.

  • Alata website may transfer you to other websites; such websites were added to facilitate matters for you and provide you with benefits, but this does not mean we approve of the content of these websites.

  • Alata for education, consultation, and translation is entitled to stop, amend, and/or change the content of its website and its conditions, either partly or wholly by its own and separately without any approval or prior notifications.











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